ClearSkys Manuka Honey

ClearSkys Manuka Honey

World-renowned New Zealand Manuka honey has a strong herby, woody flavour. Rich and complex, ClearSkys Manuka Honey tastes fantastic in hot drinks, on nutty breads, to top hot porridge or to drizzle over your favourite cheese!

Clearskys is owned and operated by beekeepers with hives across the Otago and Southland regions, on farmland, bushland and local countryside. Honeybees gather nectar from the flowers that surround their hive. These bees add enzymes to the nectar to turn it into honey, and hang it in the hive to dry. Once dried, they pack it into wax cells and seal it off with a wax cap - the bee's own tiny honey jars!

Please note OVERNIGHT ORDERS must be ordered before 9am to receive the following day and are only available Monday to Thursday