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We were lucky enough to be featured in Cheese Matters - Here it is!

Gibbston Valley Cheese was established in 2002, nestled in the ‘Valley of the Vines’ in the Southern Mountains of the South Island. Cheese was made on site until 2006, until the prohibitive costs of transporting the raw milk products into the vine - locked area became too expensive to continue. A contract cheesemaker was sought to continue making the award-winning Gibbston Valley Cheeses, to their specifications, recipes and style. In 2007 the business was purchased by present owners, Kevin and Bess Paul, a husband and wife team who continued on with the journey of the cafe/retail shop in Gibbston. Kevin and Bess have a rural background so a life of cheese was a natural path way for them. When time permits, they like to be hands on and help with the cheese making, and creating new ideas to add to their product lines of cow, sheep and goat cheese. The staff also appreciates visiting the factory to see and be part of the cheese making process. The excitement of seeing that batch of mature cheese come through to the point of sale at the shop and being enjoyed by visiting cheese enthusiasts is one to behold! Gibbston Valley Cheese is neighboured by Queenstown, the small but mighty town that is commercially and residentially rapidly expanding due to its beauty and title of the adventure capital of the world. The modest cheese cafe/ retail shop is in a prime position for those wanting a day's activity featuring a cheese platter and wine in the vines, and a cycle river ride. The location is advantageous for showcasing New Zealand specialty cheeses, by offering a free tasting, so customers get to savour cheeses they wouldn’t normally choose. Many overseas tourists just want to try New Zealand cheese. Often while travelling around New Zealand they are offered imported cheese in hotels and restaurants. Gibbston Valleys mission is to showcase and offer a unique cheese experience to visitors from near and far.

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