Cow Milk Cheese

Our cow milk cheeses are handcrafted in the European style with the distinct flavours from New Zealand dairy cows and interpreted by local artisan cheese makers.

All of our cow milk comes from Friesian and Jersey cows from around the South Island of New Zealand.


An extremely popular Cow milk cheese, mild, soft, and almost sweet taste and texture. A favourite, with currently 3 outstanding variations.  

CRACKED PEPPER GOUDA  balanced nicely with piquant cracked pepper. 

GARLIC & CHIVE GOUDA  evenly blended with subtle garlic hints and fresh chives. 

CUMIN GOUDA flecked with aromatic cumin seeds giving a warm spicy flavour. 


This medium mature cheddar is made the old-fashioned way. It is aged for 6-10 months to produce a mellow semi-sharp flavour with a smooth texture. 


A mature and slightly crumbly cheddar. An essential component on a ploughman’s platter and cheeseboards  


A very unique cheese. We take our Aged Glenroy cheddar and soak it in Pinot Noir. When the outer wax is removed, you will find the cheese is blushed with the wine as it has taken on the flavour making an exciting and indulgent addition. 


A soft buttery Cheshire style cheese with a subtle citrus tang. This melts beautifully and is magnificent in a hot cheese toastie, or baked over potatoes and fish. Adds a great splash of colour to a cheeseboard. 


Soft and buttery like the original gold but flavoured with natural manuka smoke so the tang is less evident but is complimented with the delicious creamy smoke flavours. 


A Danish-style Cow’s milk cheese with a sweet and buttery flavour with slightly sharp finishing notes. Has a pliable texture and is subtle enough to appeal to most palates. Often featured on the breakfast menu in Europe, serve on hot toasted bread with lashings of butter. 


Much like it’s Mt Scott brother, this Havarti has an extra boost of flavour with chilli being added. Giving it a mildly spicy after taste that will tickle your throat. 


 A double cream brie-style cheese. Made using Cow’s Jersey milk, this Brie is a rich and decadent cheese with a deep yellow colour when fully matured. Best enjoyed at room temperature, this is a beautiful white mould style cheese with a soft, bloomy rind that tastes of fresh mushrooms.  


A Brie with a hint of blue. A beautiful mushroom flavoured white mould surrounds a soft creamy interior with a mild suggestion of Blue sharpness. A great option for those wanting to start appreciating the blue cheese flavour. A perfect balance between Blue and Brie. 


A heavenly creamy blue cheese with deep blue green veins. Has a salty piquancy and a beautifully sweet, smooth finish. Many non-blue eaters find they are fans of the Kawarau Blue as it's not as sharp and strong as other blue varieties. 

AUTUMN GOLD ( Washed Rind) 

A complex washed rind style cheese that has been hand –rubbed with 3 different types of culture. This results in a piquant flavoured cheese with a luxurious creamy consistency similar to a brie. When ripe can be likened to the stinky French styles such as Reblochon or Époisses. 


A modern, semi hard, Dutch cheese made in a Swiss style from Cow’s milk, similar to Emmental or Gruyère. The Maasdam has characteristic large holes (eyes), created during the ripening process. Starts with a nutty flavour but as you chew it gives way to a sweet finish and has great melting properties that complements sweet fruit flavours excellently, particularly banana.  


A traditional Italian style cheese made from Jersey Cow’s milk with a pleasantly smooth texture. It’s milk and mild aroma in combination with the creamy and stretchy consistency make this delicate cheese the perfect addition to pizzas and salads.  


A sweet-savoury parmesan perfect for grating and shaving. Our Parmesan makes the ideal topping to a Caesar salad, Italian pasta dish or your favourite polenta recipe. 


A milder version of a Parmesan with a piquant flavour. This is the salty aged cousin of the Gibbston Valley Parmesan. Our Aged Romano is made from Cow’s milk. It is a milder style than the traditional Romano’s made from Sheep’s milk. Mt Rosa Romano is excellent for shaving and grating but will also stand out well on a cheese board. 


This is a full-bodied, semi-hard feta made from Cow’s milk. It is perfectly aged in brine to produce a flavoursome Feta.