Cow Milk Cheese

Our cow milk cheeses are hand crafted in the European style with the distinct flavours from New Zealand dairy cows and interpreted by local artisan cheese makers.

All of our cow milk comes from Friesian and Jersey cows from around the South Island of New Zealand.

Cracked Pepper Gouda - a slightly sweet, pliable cheese balanced nicely with piquant cracked pepper. 
Garlic and Chive Gouda - a slightly sweet pliable cheese evenly blended with subtle garlic hints and fresh chives. 
Both Goudas are a great addition to a cheeseboard adding a pop of excitement to a traditionally subtle flavoured cheese.

Kawarau Blue
A heavenly creamy blue cheese with deep blue green veins. Has a salty piquancy and a beautifully sweet, smooth finish. Many non-blue eaters find they are fans of the Kawarau Blue as its not as tangy and strong as other blue varieties. Enjoy with a sweet sticky Port or Late Harvest Riesling.

Bronze medal winner 2012, 2013 & 2014 Cuisine NZ Champions of Cheese Awards

Gibbston Parmesan 
A sweet-savoury parmesan perfect for grating and shaving. Ideal for topping a Caesar salad and also sits well on a cheese board.
Nevis Maasdam
A modern, semi hard, Dutch cheese made in a Swiss style from cow’s milk, similar to Emmental or Gruyere. The Maasdam has characteristic large holes (eyes), created during the ripening process. Starts with a nutty flavour that as you chew gives way to a sweet finish and has great melting properties that complements sweet fruit flavours excellently, particularly banana. 
The Nevis Maasdam matches well with an oaky Chardonnay or Pinot Gris. 
Silver medal winner 2012, Bronze medal winner 2013 & Gold medal winner 2014 Cuisine NZ Champions of Cheese Awards

Gibbston Gold Cheshire Style`
Gibbston Gold - a soft buttery Cheshire style cheese with a mouth wateringly good tang. This melts beautifully and is magnificent in a hot cheese toastie, or baked over potatoes and fish. Adds a great splash of colour to a cheeseboard. 
Gibbston Smokey Gold
 - soft and buttery like the original gold but flavoured with natural manuka smoke so the tang is less evident but is complimented with the delicious creamy smoke flavours. 

Gibbston Cow's Milk Feta
An aged, semi hard deliciously tangy feta. 

Gibbston Mozzarella
Light, milky flavours with a smooth and stretchy texture. Will melt into gorgeous stretchy strings on pizzas or slice and add to fresh tomato and red onion and drizzle with olive oil for a simple Mediterranean style salad.

Glenroy Cheddar
Medium mature cheddar made the old fashioned way. Aged for 10 months for a mellow semi sharp flavour and smooth texture.

Mt Scott Havarti
A Danish style cow's milk cheese with a sweet and buttery flavour with slightly sharp finishing notes. Has a pliable texture and is subtle enough to appeal to most palates.
Often featured on the breakfast menu in Europe, serve on hot toasted bread with lashings of butter.

Wakatipu White
A double cream brie-style cheese. Made using Jersey milk, this Brie is a rich and decadent cheese with a deep yellow colour when fully matured. Best enjoyed at room temperature, this is a beautiful white mould style cheese with a soft, bloomy rind that tastes of fresh mushrooms.