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As more people become aware of the effects of too much sugar, serving cheese as an alternative to the traditional wedding cake is an easy, tasty and stylish alternative.

We can decorate the cake or provide bare cheese wheels so your caterer or florist can keep the theme of the wedding.

If you love brie or other soft cheeses, they can be used for lower layers.  With a few clever tricks (like using an inverted egg cup for support!), a soft cheese will keep its shape.

As always, it's best to serve your cheese at room temperature, which actually makes a cheese cake easier than a traditional sweet cake that often needs to be kept chilled.  Make sure the cheese is kept out of the fridge a couple of hours – not too long though – you don’t want the Brie running down the aisle!
Be sure to order your cheese well in advance so we can ensure the cheese will be perfectly ripe on the Big Day. 

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