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A simple but fancy sounding Cacio e Pepe ! 

(Spaghetti with Black Pepper and Balfour Pecorino) 

This recipe will only take 15 minutes to prepare and will celebrate the Balfour Pecorino wonderfully.  It's the kind of recipe you can prepare for a snack or quick lunch without having to have a multitude of ingredients in the cupboard. Be sure to say you are making "Cacio e Pepe" for lunch to everyone at the office to sound extra cultured and impressive 😀 



4tbsp Olive oil 

Cracked Black pepper (freshly ground) 


225 gms of Spaghetti 

2 tbsp unsalted butter 

1 cup (55gms) of finely grated Balfour Pecorino, with extra to serve 



Think like an Italian and be sure to make lots of hand gestures whilst preparing the ingredients.... this will help with the flavour 😉 

Gently warm the Olive oil and a good amount of cracked black pepper (remember this is a main component so don't be shy) Wait for it to kind of crackle in the pan and then take off the heat and put aside.  

Grab a separate deeper fry pan or saute pan and place in the dry pasta put in enough water just to cover the pasta. You might think this is strange but it will make for a extra creamy sauce at the end, you want really starchy pasta water! 

Cook the pasta and stirring often until it is nearly al dente, then take off the heat. 

Get your olive oil and pepper pan back on the heat and spoon in a few spoonfulls of the pasta water. 

Stir in your butter and then your pasta, keep on a medium heat and stir gracefully, trust me you will need the rest for the next step....... 

Next grab your grated Pecorino and add this to the pasta pan  


This mad person stirring will guarantee that the sauce emulsifies and creates an extremely creamily dressed pasta without the cream! 

Serve and eat with pure enjoyment! 






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