Celebration Cakes


Let us help make your special event all the more memorable with a fantastic selection of award winning artisan cheeses layered to create the ultimate cake.

Create your very own unique creation or choose from our stunning creations that are sure to impress. Cheese layer cakes are a whimsical and elegant option. With the ability to decorate in any style our layer cakes will happily suit a variety of special occasions from Weddings, Birthdays to Corporate celebrations.

Gibbston Valley Cheese specialises in sheep, cow and goat milk cheeses crafted in the European style from New Zealand’s very own milks.

Owned and operated from Queenstown’s very own “Valley of the Vines” by two passionate cheese mad locals Bess and Paul. You are sure to be supporting local business while buying incredible multi award winning cheeses that are sure to impress

Why a cheese celebration cake?

Whether you are a fan of traditional sweet cakes or just because you want a real show stopping center piece for your reception, cheese is a definite crowd pleaser and also allows the modern bride and groom incorporate something really different into their celebrations

How much cheese do we need?

As a guide around 100 grams of cheese per person. This amount can be reduced if you are not planning on incorporating the cake as a cheese course during your meal but it does make a great match with your wine selection.

How do we choose what cheeses will go into our cake?

GV provides a selection of the finest quality artisan NZ Cheeses. Local customers can pop into  the Cheesery and try the cheeses or we are able to post cheese sample boxes ( for a small fee) anywhere in NZ. The design of the cake will depend on your personal preferences of taste and aesthetic. Bigger heavier rounds tend to work best on the bottom of the stack with the rounds reducing as they stack. Just like a conventional cake. A great finishing touch is to add smaller blocks of cheese as a feature around one or more of the layers or a single block as a topper.

Decorating the cake

This is entirely up to the bride and groom, some prefer to do this themselves or use your florist or caterer do it for you. Flowers, dried fruit, leaves or fresh foliage, ribbons and figurines will all look beautiful on your cheesecake so the choices are endless. You can also separate the layers using smaller cheeses or cake stands or as suggested a stack.


Height  Width Price
New Balfour (currently unavailable) - -  n/a
Smoked Brie 6-7cm 16cm $65
Havarti 6cm 15.5cm $75
Brie (Wakatipu White) 3cm 21.5cm $35
Blue Brie 2-3cm 8cm $10
Kawarau Blue 13.5cm 20cm $280
Sunshine Blue 9.5cm 13cm $85
Heart (waxed) Cheddar / Goat Gouda (White) - - $10


2x sets are the most popular, and sure to be a crowd pleaser for any extravaganza!

Having trouble deciding?
Experiment. Come to the Gibbston Valley Cheesery for some samples. 

Smaller gatherings or too much choice?
Half rounds are possible.